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» FAQ: General information and application
» FAQ: Procedures after the application
» FAQ: Travel to Brussels
» FAQ: Stay in Brussels
» FAQ: European Parliament

FAQ: General information and application

» What is the language of the conference?

All meetings, discussions and workshops will be held in English, and the final product will be produced in English.

» When is the deadline for applying for participation at the EYMD?

The deadline for EYMD is August 15, 2013.

» What are the requirements for applying for EYMD?

You need to be between 18 and 30 years of age! Experience in journalistic work is not essential but helpful. Please check our Terms and Conditions for further details!

» How much do the European Youth Media Days cost?

The European Parliament (EP) will reimburse your travel arrangements once you have confirmed your participation at the EYMD. A lump-sum of €180 for students and €360 for professional journalists will be paid by the European Parliament to cover your accommodation and living costs during the event. See Terms and Conditions for further details.

» Do I receive an official certificate of the conference?

Yes! You can receive proof of participation before the event upon request in order to take leave from study or work. Furthermore, participants can receive a certificate of participation after attending the EYMD.

FAQ: Procedures after the application

» When will I receive my confirmation of participation?

After the selection of participants is concluded, successful applicants will receive a confirmation by the end of August. If you are not selected, we will inform you as well. For further information please view Terms and Conditions.

» What happens after receiving the confirmation of participation?

Once you have been selected, you need to reconfirm your participation and choose your individual workshop program.

» Who are the members of the jury that selects the participants?

The EYMD-team selects participants according to journalistic criteria, motivation and the ideas presented in your application.

» How many participants from each country will be selected?

At least one participant per EU member state will be selected. The number of participants per country vary according to the size of the population of the Member State and the quality of applications and it can be anywhere from 2 to 7 participants per country.

FAQ: Travel to Brussels

» How do I have to organise my travels?

Participants’ travel costs will be reimbursed by the European Parliament 2 to 3 weeks after the event, upon submission of all necessary documents sent by the European Parliament prior to the event by email to each individual participant. Specific conditions apply, more information will be given after you have been selected.

» What happens after I am happily confirmed as participant?

You will get an email explaining the next steps again. For more information, see Terms and Conditions.

» What if I want to come earlier or leave later?

You will need to provide a proof from an online travel agency of airline website that your travel was not more expensive than if you would have travelled on October 15 -17/18. This proof has to be included with the other documents that you submit to the European Parliament during the event.

» Do I need insurance?

Yes, you have to take care of all insurances yourself.

FAQ: Stay in Brussels

» Where will I stay in Brussels?

The young journalists chosen to participate will have to arrange their own accommodation and travel and to provide the necessary documents to the European Parliament for reimbursement.

» What do I have to bring with me?

Technical equipment like laptops, digi-cams (photo, video...), audio recorders, cables for connecting these equipment to your computer  and in general all kind of equipment that you think you may need. Make sure this equipment is insured by you! EYP cannot provide any equipment!

FAQ: European Parliament

» Do I need to bring anything to the European Parliament?

Yes, you need to bring your national ID or passport that you submitted to the organisers. You need to have it with you during the whole EYMD. You will recieve a badge from the European Youth Media Days which will give you access to the European Parliament from October 15-17. Please DO NOT LOSE OR FORGET this badge as you will not have access to the European Parliament and it will be time consuming to get you another one on the spot.

» Is there a dress code during the conference?

Dress as you feel like, just be aware that it is not allowed to have political symbols or statements on your clothes in the European Parliament.

» Will my information be given to the European Parliament?

Yes. The European Parliament is getting all information we have, both to judge the quality of the participants and for security reasons in the European Parliament.

» Can I smoke in the European Parliament?

No! But there are some special smoking areas for the breaks.

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