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In a year when conflicts from all over the world have been constantly present in the media and the discussion about human rights has become more acute, the 2011 edition of the European Youth Media Days for young journalists from the European Union had the title Nothing is impossible: Reporting on Human Rights and International Conflicts. The event gained the interest of numerous young journalists from Europe and sixty of them were selected to take part in the event, taking place in the European Parliament in Brussels, October 18-20 2011.

In a room of the European Parliament crowded with young journalists, the war correspondent David Beriain said genuinely: when people are shooting each other, it is difficult to be in the middle. Beriain’s intervention in the opening panel of the seminar for young journalists Nothing is Impossible: Reporting on Human Rights and International Conflicts left many young journalists wondering about how to better report from conflict zones and to better cover human rights.

Objectivity in war reporting, transparency, covering human rights violations were issues 60 young European journalists came to find out more about in the European Parliament in Brussels on October 18-20 2011.

For three intense days they met war correspondents, international journalism specialists, human rights activists, representative of international NGOs and found answer to questions such as: what is the relationship between media and human rights? Is media objectivity in conflict zones impossible?

Media is interested in human rights because without them they would not be able to do their job, explained Aidan White, international journalism specialist. Objectivity is hard to reach in conflict, young journalists found out. But it is not an impossible task. Be a journalist! Talk to everybody! Being too close to one side is too close to propaganda, concluded David Beriain.

The 60 young journalists had the chance to create media together in five workshops: print, photo, TV, radio and multimedia. For one and a half days the participants worked together assiduously to produce the final outcomes presented on this website.

I have learned a lot more than I was expecting, said one participant. It was intense, but it was all worth it.

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