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The European Parliament is the only directly elected institution in the European Union. First established as the Common Assembly in 1952, in 1979 the people of the nine member states (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Ireland and the UK) elected their representatives for the first time. Since then the European Parliament got more and more influence in the political process of the European Union.

Today 765 representatives from 28 member countries (who represent nearly half a billion people) decide, besides the Council of the European Union, about a various range of European policies such as culture, regional development, transport, environment and the budget of the European Union. Furthermore the Parliament decides about the appointment of the European Commission members. The Members of the European Parliament (MEP) are currently organised into 7 different political groups.

The President, currently Martin Schulz, is essentially the speaker of the Parliament. He or she presides over the plenary when it is in session and the President's signature is required for all acts adopted by co-decision, including the EU budget. The President is also responsible for representing the Parliament externally, including in legal matters, and for the application of the rules of procedure. The President is elected for a renewable term of two and a half years, i.e. half the lifetime of a Parliament. The President represents the European Parliament vis-à-vis the outside world and in its relations with the other EU institutions.

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The European Youth Press (EYP) is an umbrella association of young journalists in Europe. It involves more than 50,000 journalists younger than 30. As a European network of young media makers, EYP has 27 members.

The European Youth Press organises a number of events for young journalists and promotes the role of youth media and the freedom of the press in Europe. EYP also takes part in discussions about journalistic education standards and media policies throughout the European Union. The EYP sees itself as serving the national structures through the development and coordination of projects organized by young media makers in Europe. EYP provides contact forums and educational seminars for multipliers of the member associations. Above all, the aim of all member organisations and of EYP is to inspire young people to become involved in the media and take an active part in civil society by fostering objective and independent journalism.

Young people write for young people - and give topics a young perspective; a perspective that is sometimes overlooked when examining European issues. EYP wants to contribute to the intercultural exchange in Europe by facilitating direct contacts between young journalists through international projects and events.

Since 2007, European Youth Press has organised, together with the European Parliament, the biggest event for young media makers from the 28 member states: the European Youth Media Days. Every year this event brings together between 100 and 300 participants from the EU who is given the chance to report from within the European Parliament for 3 days, to attend conferences and speak to MEPs. The young journalists met and produced media together.

The European Youth Press aims to enable young people to give voice to their opinions on a European level and provide a critical view of media and politics through journalistic education as well as learning by doing. Orange Magazine has been created to provide an interactive, multimedia platform for event coverage. Young journalists from all over Europe meet for the first time and take the challenge of working together to report about different events happening across the continent.

In 5 years, Orange young journalists have been reporting from more than 40 events such as the United Nations Human Rights Conference in Paris, France (2008), the NATO Afghan Student Forum in Pisa, Italy (2007), the first Asia-Europe Young Urban Leaders Dialogue, Madrid, Spain (2008), the Presidential Elections in Armenia (2008), the International AIDS Conference in Vienna (2010), the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, 2011 and 2012, Bonn, Germany etc.

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