Each EYMD workshop is focused on one type of media and on one topic, which fits in the bigger framework of the overall topic of this year’s edition. There are TV, radio, multimedia, print and photo workshops.

Joining the workshops are professionals in the media field that participate as a source of inspiration and experience for the participants. They are guiding and supporting the group in creating professional results. With their professional perspective and experience, the media experts direct the media production process and help participants with their planning and conclusion of the media outcome.

The workshop participants also get the opportunity of hearing from MEPs, NGO representatives and academics from their field of interest. Speakers provide inputs and insights in relation to the theme of the workshop and complement the media experts with their expertise on the topic. They are available for questions and discussions with participants and provide background information and material on the topic. They need to attend workshops in the beginning for at least 1-2 hours and can stay longer.

Each workshop is run by a facilitator that has experience and profound competence in running media-related workshops with a group of intercultural participants. They moderate the group and facilitate discussions with the speakers as well as in-between participants. They design and implement the flow of the workshop in consent with speakers and experts. They keep track of time and are responsible for keeping participants focused, motivated, on track and on schedule.

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