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» How do I receive information about the EYMD?

All interested journalists have the chance to register as a journalist for the event. In case you are registered, you will receive the important information via e-mail. A press kit with facts and figures, background, programme, description of the European Youth Press and the European Parliament and the introduction of the organising team will be mailed to you in advance. Of course the press kit will be locally available too in a printed version.

» Do I have to register on the homepage?

Yes. Since the event takes place in the European Parliament, we need your registration to organise the press access card for you. You have to register with your personal details until Monday 14 October 2013. If you do not register, we cannot guarantee you the access to the European Parliament. In case you have a national press card anyway, you do not have to register on the homepage. Nevertheless it is recommended, because we can complement each other. You receive the most important information about the event in advance and can point out your focus for your report and we can arrange the fitting interview partners and workshop connections for you. If you come without registration, you will be more than welcome, but we cannot guarantee to establish and schedule the perfect connection to your interview partners.

» If I am not registered, can I still come?

If you are in possession of a national press card, you are more than welcome to come to the EYMD. We will register you on arrival and you will receive the press kit. If you do not have a national press card, you have to register until Monday October 14 2013, because we need to arrange your access card to the European Parliament. In case you do not register in time, you cannot access the Parliament and take part in the event.

» How do I get in touch with interviewees?

In case you are registered, you will receive the programme and all information in advance in order for you to plan and schedule your report. We will be in touch with you and figure out which participant or speaker you wish to interview. In case you are not registered, because you have your national press card, we will do our best, to establish a connection between you and the recommended interview partner. You can always come to the info-point on the third floor of the European Parliament.

» Can I participate in a workshop to report about it?

It is not intended that the journalists participate in the workshops. If you plan a report about a special workshop and want to attend, you can always contact us and we will make things possible. It is recommended to inform us in advance.

» How can I access the European Parliament?

We will arrange your access card to the European Parliament, if you register until Monday October 14 2013. We need to have some details about you to organise the access card. If you have your own national press card, we will register you upon arrival at the Parliament. Please remember to bring your identity card.

» Does EYMD provide any kind of accommodation or reimbursement for travels or any other expenses?


» There are still questions left, who can I ask for further information?

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