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One of the most vital ideas of the European Youth Media Days is the creation and the enforcement of a Europe-wide network of young emerging journalists.

All across the European continent there are young people sharing the same vision, living under different circumstances, or being very similar to each other, depending on where they live and what they do. Besides all that differences there is one thing that they all have in common: They work in the same area and they are the creators of the European future as media producers or editors. Besides doing exactly the same stuff in their daily life there should bet the possibility of getting in contact with each other and foster networking abilities and effects. One of the main purposes the European Youth Media Days are serving is the enforcement of networking within the participants and on a bigger European scale.

The days of the congress represent the focal point regarding trans European networking. There people meet in person, have discussions, get-togethers, workshops, parties, etc. To make this process sustainable there will be a networking portal during the whole process of congress organisation. It stays online after the end of the real congress. It will guard all applicants, participants, interested people, etc. through the whole course of the congress.

It will start with pre-congress information, teasers, etc. It will be a congress-planning tool with online schedules and a sustainability-ensuring network that keeps finding visible and people connected long after the days of congress have passed.

The networking portal is the central communication platform regarding the European Youth Media Days. The website implements three features.

» First of all, interested young media makers will register themselves, using the platform during the application period. They will make themselves visible by uploading their profile.

» Secondly, the conference programme, panels, workshops will be accessible through the website. Thereby not only information, but also getting-to-know-each-other, networking and discussion between participants are possible a few weeks before the actual congress.

» Third, by empowering the participants to remain in a dialogue with each other, the conference has an impact after the departure of the participants. The young media makers stay in touch with each other and with the moderators and speakers.

Furthermore all content produced and released during the congress will stay online and accessible to the public after the congress.

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